Getting your product into the mind of the most valuable customers.

Kulina delivers meals to more than 2,000 addresses in Jakarta and vicinity on daily basis. More than 60 thousands of customers -- mostly office workers -- subscribed to us.

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Product Sampling

The most powerful engagement. Get your product directly into the customer's hand during their lunch break. Your product will be delivered together with the meal.

Meals Co-Branding

Your customers are exposed to hundreds of brands every day from dawn till dusk. Billboards. Junk emails. Website pop-ups. Now imagine you have 30 minutes of your customer's lunchtime, exclusively for your brand.

Customer Survey & Analytics

How effective is that campaign for millennials? What kind of people like my new product? Do gen X like the new taste? Does my product preferred by male or female?

Get unbiased data insight on your product, using our timely and accurate survey -- right when your product in the hand of the customers.

Brand Endorsement

User Generated Contents provide the highest level of influence for the brand, 8x than website pop-ups, 2.5x than SEM. What's best than getting your product endorsed by hundreds or even thousands of real customers?

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